Trend Spotting: Je T’aime Burlap

Hessian /ˈhɛsi.ən/, or burlap in the US and Canada, is a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres, or may be combined with other vegetable fibres to make rope, nets, and similar products.

Hessian, a dense woven fabric, has been historically produced as a coarse fabric, but more recently it is being used in a refined state known simply as jute as an eco-friendly material for bags, rugs, and other products.

The name “burlap” appears to be of unknown origin, although the word could mean “coarse piece of cloth”.   The name “hessian” is attributed to the use of the fabric, initially, as part of the uniform of soldiers from the German state of Hessewho were called “Hessians”.

This season Burlap is not just for rugs and potato sacks anymore…today burlap adorns our tables, decorates our trees, covers our feet, and even drapes effortlessly over our bodies! What a long way this natural coarse fibre has come! Check out some of our favorite burlap products this season…and be sure to share your favorites with us by posting in our comment section or on our Facebook page! We’d LOVE to hear from you!

#1 Clothing & Accessories

Burlap Classics say you’re a little rugged, but civilized enough to wear shoes. Walk the line between refined and rustic. The ultimate feel good purchase: ultra-light, comfortable TOMS Natural Burlap Classics

available @


#2 Tabletop

Whether it’s formal or casual, Christmas or 4th of July, Burlap table runners and cloths are the perfect start to setting a fabulous table!  Once thought of as rustic or country casual, these inexpensive and often environmentally friendly table toppers are actually perfect for any theme or occasion!  One of the best features of Burlap is that it can be left completely unadulterated or it can be personalized, to suit a specific event or holiday gathering.

Available at Ollko Ltd.


#3 Burlap Banners, Pendants, and Flags

Celebrate a specific ocassion with a customizable banner.  Do it yourself or check out Etsy for pre-made seasonal selections.

Banners for All – Etsy

Sweet Thymes – Etsy



Upon entering someone’s home you might find burlap hiding in plane sight.  Perhaps used for curtains, pillows, or even …

Burlap Curtains by West Elm

Sugarboo Designs




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