Miami: Yardbird Restaurant

If you find yourself in Miami, with a little time on your hands and hankering for something to eat… you have to stop by Yardbird. An amazing restaurant with delicious food, pleasant staff, and a charming interior…Yardbird is one of my new FAVORITES!

The Yardbird Mantra…
“Growing up Southern is a privilege. It runs a helluva lot deeper than just where you’re born. It’s a set of ideals passed down through generations. Sure, it’s about sweet tea and swimmin’ holes, front porches and fried chicken, magnolias and Moon Pies. But more importantly, it’s about being devoted to your roots; having a sense of place, of tradition, of family, hard work and each other. And those, my friends, should be universal ideals. To that end, we proudly present Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. A house of worship to farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality. What we believe is a noble endeavor indeed. So stop on by, cop a seat and sample some from-scratch divinity. We’re serving up the freshest, most inventive takes on regional Southern fare seven days a week with a foot-stompin’, soul-healin’ brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ll keep a place set for you.”

Our Experience
Last week, we stopped at Yardbird restaurant for lunch.  Taking two seats at the bar, we began to pour of the menu which offered such Southern delacacies as oyster stew, smoked brisket, cheddar waffles, and chicken liver toast.  After much deliberation,  I chose the “Crunchy Yardbird Sandwich.”  A delightfully battered/fried moist, delicious chicken thigh with house-made bacon, tomato, lettuce, and buttermilk dressing, all on a bun that was grilled with utterly perfect simplicity. If I had to rank the sandwich, I would say it is definitely in my top 5 of all time! The friend I was there with chose the “Fried Green Tomato BLT.” 3 stacks of pork belly, frisee, tomato jam, and house-made pimento cheese, it was a new take on a traditional BLT, with a flavor & texture combo that could not be beat!

Ok, enough about the food, the cocktails also deserve a mention! I must admit, I’m not usually a bourbon/whiskey drinker, but since that seemed to be the house specialty, I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade. Served in a mason jar, the cocktail was refreshing with a delicate sweetness that allowed the complexity of the bourbon to peak through, but not to overwhelm. FANTASTIC!  The beer selection was also amazing, and the taps were adorned with vintage cooking utensils, a unique touch lending to the Southern authenticity of the space.

So if you are in Miami and looking for a great lunch or dinner spot, give Yardbird a try, it will not disappoint!

YARDBIRD * 1600 Lenox Avenue – Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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