Having closed on our new home recently, we are eager to get started on the long list of renovations that need to be done.  In actuality, I haven’t made a list of all the renovations for fear that it might be too overwhelming.  What I do know is that the list would be long, and so with that notion, we are faced with our first decision…Where to start?

With over 3600 square feet, all of which need some degree of work, what to tackle first is not the easiest decision.  In order to proceed, we have decided to start with the rooms that we will use the most. Narrow those down and we are left with; the kitchen, family room, and bedrooms. Normally the kitchen would be first on my list but since it’s currently functional and also a total gut job…(which we can not afford at the moment), it will have to wait. With the kitchen off the list, we have decided to move ahead with the family room.  When we bought the house, the family room was actually the dining room…. which brings me to our tip of the day.

TIP *** Don’t be afraid to switch things up.  What works best for your family may be different than what works best for someone else.

For us having the family room next to the kitchen makes the most sense for several reasons.    Reason 1: I may have forgot to mention that our fixer upper needs about 50 new windows. While the original windows are beautiful and charming, they are drafty and not energy efficient. Since new windows are not in our immediate future, we decided to look for other ways to keep our heating costs down.  By moving the formal dining room to the front of the house adjacent to the formal living room, and relocating the family room next to the kitchen, we will have the ability to close off the entire front section of the house, therefore lowering the overall heating costs.  Reason 2: Every time we entertain people congregate in the kitchen.  Moving the family room next to the kitchen will allow people to flow quickly and easily from one room to the next and will provide comfortable seating for guests while meals are being prepared.

List of things to do in the NEW Family Room…

  1. Re-finish the original hardwood floors
  2. Add baseboard, trim molding, and fix existing chair rail
  3. Repair and repaint walls and ceiling
  4. Repair marble fireplace and mantle
  5. Add recessed ceiling lights and remove existing chandelier

Repairing the Marble Mantle

Picking a Paint Color…not as easy as it looks

New trim going up on doors and baseboard

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