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Round Up: The Best Kids DIY Valentine’s

If you have the time…we have the creativity! Spend more time crafting and less time searching!  Check out some of our favorite kids DIY Valentine’s, all of which are sure to garner heart racing applause from their fellow the classmates.  For those of you who are short on time, or are unsure of your creative ability… be sure to check back soon for a round up of the best Valentine’s counter cards available at a boutique near you.

Friendship Bracelet Valentines as seen on a blog for the happily crafted life

“You Rule” Valentines as seen on

“I think you are just write” Valentines as seen on

“Love bug” Valentines by Dandee as seen on

“You make my heart bounce” Valentine as seen on

“You are A-MAZE-ING” Valentines as seen on

“I’m Stuck on You” Valentines as seen on ****MY PERSONAL FAVORITE***

Zoo Valentines as seen on blue robin cottage blogspot

Lifesaver Valentines as seen on

“Out of this world” Valentine as seen on






I have to dish about my new favorite magazine “Sweet Paul“.  The minute I opened it, I could tell from its heavy paper stock, matte finish, and dark yet deliciously tempting pictures…that I was hooked!  Originally started as a blog by Paul Lowe Einlyng in 2007, this publication features the most amazing mix of food, crafts, and decorating that I have seen in quite awhile.  With the turn of each page there is new recipe I want to try, an artist I am dying to meet, or a project that exudes originality while somehow lacking the fear of perfection! Ahhh that’s it…this magazine does not compel you to live up to the perfection of Martha Stewart, it does not promote the flawless and often sterile interiors of Elle Decor, but instead provides it’s readers with cool, avant garde, accessible ideas that are sure to satisfy!  It’s no wonder…considering Paul Lowe Einlyng’s motto, “fullkommenhet er kjedelig” (adopted from his Norwegian grandmother) “perfection is boring.”  Take a look at some of the delectable recipes and content below…you will not be disappointed!!!!!

sea shell spoons

Collect shells from the beach to make your very own seashell spoons!

Blackberries and lemon zest give this tiramisu a refreshing makeover.

perfect party
There are just a few simple ingredients for a PERFECT party!