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Time is running out, so we will keep it short and sweet. 
Here are 5 great ideas small enough to fit in his or her stocking.
Pictured Above: Tea Olive Lime- Little Luxuries Set
Elevate the everyday with Body Oil, Body Wash and Body Lotion filled with botanical benefits and perfectly sized for a gift or travel adventures in our Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Little Luxuries Set.

Antonia’s Flowers Eau de Toilette
– notes of freesia, jasmine, magnolia, and lily come together in a bright bouquet.  Floret, inspired by the sweet peas in her grandmother’s garden; Tiempe Passate, slightly heavier and more sensual, with notes of cedarwood, amber, bergamot, and Montauk rose; Sogni del Mare, a reminder of the sea.
This slick set includes a stainless steel flask and the ever-important, oft-forgotten funnel. Ideal for nipping and refueling on the go, the flask fits in the palm of your hand and holds a potent three ounces, while the funnel helps you top it off when your juice runs low.

Barr-Co. Rose Petal Bar Soap

98% Natural. This soap is made with olive oil and shea butter, which is know to help maintain moisture to keep skin feeling smooth and silky. A soft floral and seamless match to its namesake with warm, sweet romantic enveloping notes. 6 oz.



These decorative pillows are 100% cotton, filled with the fresh-smelling needles of a Balsam fir tree and made in the USA. Guaranteed to keep your room, drawer, bathroom, car, office, cabinet or whatever else smelling as fresh as a crisp morning walk through a forest in Maine.