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The Beach Plum is a species of plum that is native to the East Coast.  A deciduous shrub with a natural sand dune habitat, this plant is salt tolerant and cold hardy, making it perfect for Cape Cod landscapes.  Beach Plums can be eaten out of hand and are usually a sweet snack!  In addition to their edible characteristics, the beach plum is also used in the stabilization and restoration of coastal sand dunes.  So if you can eat it and use it to save our precious landscape then this shrub should not only be celebrated, it should be worshiped!

Inspired by a Christmas gift I received, a flask of Beach Plum Liquor, I decided that I really needed to do a little more research about these gems, and figure out how I could put them to better use!  Below you will see some of the recipes, information, and photos I found during this adventure.  If you have a great recipe please share it with us!

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