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Gift Guide: The kiddo on your list

Every year I grapple with the difference between what the kids say they want, and what I actually want to get them.  Mainstream media gets inside their little heads and convinces them they need the latest toy or gadget…which would be fine if those toys and gadgets were built to last, somewhat educational, or perhaps slightly creative.  But let’s be honest…most of the things your kids want for Christmas will be obsolete or broken within days or weeks of being unwrapped.  My solution, compromise! One gift from their list and one gift from my list. Check out some of our ideas for this Christmas below, or stop by and visit our kids section at our Yarmouthport shop.  Happy Holidays!


Bingo by Eeboo. Spanish words describing nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing and colors are learned as players match them to their cards. A pronunciation guide is included for each of the 48 Spanish words.


Make a Feathered Crown fit for the chief of your tribe. This Seedling kit contains: Felt Crown Piece, Feathers, Velveteen String, Felt Sheets, Ribbon, Wooden Beads, & Instructions.


Times were tough in the small New England fishing village where Marcie lived. No one had any money, and work was hard to find. So the villagers rejoiced one glorious fall when an unexpected bounty of scallops filled their little bay. For young Marcie, a week of harvesting scallops also brought an unexpected adventure and a lesson about love that she would never forget.


The concept for the This Is… series came to Sasek while on a three-week holiday in Paris, where he observed that parents on vacation with their children were often too absorbed in other things to properly teach their offspring about the history and wonder of their surroundings. Initially, he intended to create only three books in the series – This is Paris, This is London and This is Rome. But the books proved so successful, beloved by children and fun to make, that he just kept going.


Everything to keep minds (and hands!) active with lots of skills to master! This Seedling Kit contains: Wooden Balloon Powered Boat, Juggling Balls, Dominos, Playing Cards, Glider Plane, Notepad & Pencil Recommended for Ages 5+ years


This full set of presidential blocks contains all 44 presidents, beautifully illustrated with details about each president, and an “Oath of Office” block for future presidents to learn before the big day! Completing the set is the hand-printed American flag puzzle.
Made from Michigan basswood, brightly colored with child-safe inks, and handcrafted with attention to detail. The blocks are a generous 1 ¾” (44mm) cubed a perfect size for small hands!