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Monograms … not just for the preppy people –

Growing up in New England I was surrounded by Lily Pulitzer, Nantucket Reds, and Monograms. Before being shipped off to boarding school (a fate I would later be grateful for) my mother set out personalizing everything that would accompany me. From towels to totes, blankets to sweaters, it seemed that anything and everything I owned was in-discretely adorned with my initials.

Needless to say…I grew to despise the monograms, blue blazers, and polo shirts that flooded my upbringing. I began deliberately wearing things I knew would push the boundaries of our strict boarding school dress-code, items that were sure to make my perfectly preppy mother shudder.  At the end of the day, my boundary pushing choices were really just an honest attempt to find my own style.

Long story short, gone are the days when monograms = preppy.  Today there are so many companies offering unique monogramming and personalization.  Whether it be on an unexpected product or in a modern font, the options are limitless.  Here is a selection of some of our favorites.

monogram trays

Monogram trays from Mark & Graham

monogram totes

Canvas totes from Iomoi

monogram stamp

Stamps available at Paper Pastries

monogram towels

Monogram towels by Matouk

monogrammed bedding

Amazing bedding by Leontine Linens

Monogrammed Iphone case

monogram jewelry

Modern brass jewelry from Mark & Graham