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Has spring finally sprung: Get a jump on your summer planting!

Last weekend the weather was amazing, the birds were singing, the grass was growing, and visions of the coming summer were dancing in my head!  While I am a realist, and fully aware that there are still many days of doom and gloom in our future, I can’t help but get excited about planting what will hopefully become a beautiful summer garden.

In the past I have divided and conquered when it came to planting at my house on the Cape.  So as not to overwhelm, I like to break it down into 3 somewhat equal parts.

First off…window boxes and planters.  With just 2 window boxes and 5 planters, my biggest challenge is deciding what plants will make the cut.  An easy feat compared to the 32 window boxes, 4 hanging baskets, and 12 planters I once planted and maintained while working on a private island.  While those days are long gone, I did learn a few things…

1. Size does matter! Treat your window box or container like it is a miniature garden.  Make sure it is large enough to hold a diverse and interesting selection of plants.

2. Color is Key!  When choosing plants be sure to coordinate colors with the exterior of your home (or with any surrounding structures).  Colors that complement one another will be much more pleasing to the eye.

3. BE UNIQUE! Anyone can buy a pre-planted pot from their local garden center, but what does that really say about you! With a little effort, your window boxes and planters can be an expression of your unique style.

Each year I scour the garden centers of Cape Cod looking for not only unique plants, but also unique planters!  Check out some of my ideas for this season below.  Have a favorite garden center? Be sure to comment below and let us know where you like to shop!

campo pots

I am obsessed with these Campo de Fiori pots! They remind me of fish scales and are absolutely perfect for your coastal garden. Available at Design Works in a variety of sizes, get em while they last!

window box

This is one of the 32 window boxes I planted a few years ago. I love using something tall in the center for a little height and variety!

container gardening

Love this unique container garden…perfect for city living!

clam shell planter

These miniature container gardens are easy and quick to do. They make wonderful gifts and are a great project to do with kids. Check out “Driven By Decor” for more great clam shell ideas!

camp de fiori

Create your very own garden on the half shell. Start with this terracotta shell available at Design Works, add either a potting soil made specifically for succulents and cacti, or make your own by taking a good quality potting mix and adding either pumice or perlite. To care for these miniature container gardens, give them full sun, or if you are in a very hot climate, keep them in partial shade. Do not over water. During the growing season, keep the soil moist, but not wet. During the winter, when succulents go into dormancy, let the soil dry out between waterings.

window box

Sometimes More is More! Don’t be afraid to load up those window boxes for a full scale flower explosion!

boat planter

Nautical and Nice! Check out these boat planters from

west elm planters

This pyramid wall planter from West Elm is a unique way to move up instead of out!

pottery barn

Galvanized planters from Pottery Barn are a nod to American Farms and tradition. Use them for plants, parties, or pool supplies.