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Trend: Plentiful Pleats

pleat plēt/noun pleat; plural noun: pleats
a double or multiple fold in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching the top or side.

Tis’ the season for plentiful pleats.  The spring runways were packed with pleasingly pleated packages…from skirts to dresses and pretty much everything in between.  I know what your thinking, and you don’t need to worry. We aren’t talking about the pleated khakis you had in 1985..the ones that made you look 3 sizes bigger and way dorkier than necessary. We are talking about luxurious fabrics, metallic prints, and elegantly appointed pin tucked perfection!  Now I’ll be the first to admit, pleats can be hard to wear, and even harder to wear well.  So if you are hesitant, but still want to try pleats on for size, why not try them on your sofa, in your window, or maybe even on your bed. Check out some of our favorite pleated, pintucked, and smocked goods.

pleats skirt

Pintuck Bedding via West Elm

pleated ottomanNate Berkus pleated ottoman

pleated tablecloth

Pleated tablecloth via Etsy

oka pleated lamp shadeOKA pleated sulu lampshade

pleated drape

Smocked Drapes via Pottery Barn

pleated lamp shade

DIY Pleated lampshades via katy elliott

diy pleats

DIY Smocked honeycomb skirt via Victory Patterns