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Call it a honeycomb, call it a hexagon, or just call it the newest trend in home furnishings!  These six-sided wonders are everywhere.  From tiles to towels, rugs to trays, this season it’s all about Hexagons!

Did you know…”From bees’ honeycombs to the Giant’s Causeway, hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal grid each line is as short as it can possibly be if a large area is to be filled with the fewest number of hexagons. This means that honeycombs require less wax to construct and gain lots of strength under compression.”

On that note…scroll down to check out some of our favorite hexagonal finds!

hexagon tray

Honeycomb Tray available at

hexagon shelves

Hexagonal shelves via

hexagon tiles

Bathroom via

honeycomb towel bar

Towel ring available at Urban Outfitters

diy project

DIY via


Pillowcases available by pickfair on Etsy

hexagon pillow

Decorative pillow via


Trays available at A+R Store

surya rug

Hexagon rug by Surya available at