Shell Yeah, It's National Clam Day

Happy as a Clam

There truly is a holiday for everything and this month we’re gearing up for National Clams on the Half Shell Day which falls on March 31st. It’s finally starting to warm up outside and that has us thinking summer thoughts. If you’re like us, summer reminds you of clams — fishing for them, shucking them, and of course eating them! Your favorite clam shack might not be open for the season yet, but if you’ve been clamoring for some fun facts about mollusks, we’ve got you covered. Have you been fishing for oyster related products? Well keep clam and carry on, because we have those too.

Photo by Yarnnakarn

Photo by Yarnnakarn

Bushels of Clams

While both clams and oysters are part of the mollusk family, an oyster is not a type of clam. There are quite a few varieties of clams, but these are our favorites:

  • Razor Clams — long, skinny clams that sit vertically in sand requiring extra cleaning to get all that sand out before eating

  • Littlenecks — smallest of the hard shell variety, measuring about 1-inch across shucked like an oyster

  • Steamers — oblong soft shell clams that live in tidal flats and are a bit brittle so take extra care when handling

Peck Your Favorites

Now that you know a little bit more about clams, you’re ready to stock up on some of our most favorite mollusk merchandise.

Whether you’re in the market for tea towels for your kitchen, art to hang on your walls, or shell shaped dishes to store your knickknacks, we have something for you!

There’s so much more to see in store so if you don’t get your shell-fix from shopping in our online shop, stop in to see us in person instead! Our hours are listed below.

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